Antique Frames

Antique Picture Frames have been found dating back to 200BC, their purpose always being to protect and decorate the picture within. In 200BC the Picture frame took the form of a border which formed protection and decoration for Etruscan Cave Paintings. Modern versions tend to be constructed from acrylic or metal. Through the Middle ages, wooden frames carved and constructed by the hand of the painter were the vogue of the framing world. The period of the Renaissance became a turning point in the history of framing as painters and framers decided to mirror the ornate furniture designs that broke through in their generally wooden or metal picture frames. The Victorian era brought it’s own unique twist to design in the Picture frame world with distinctive carvings from the period being immediately recognisable. All of these eras have formed the basis for the modern antique mirror range, both with original pieces and reproduction antique mirrors.


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